Niche Price List & Event Poster

Niche Price List & Event Poster

Niche celebrated it’s 3rd birthday last week and the wonderful Natasha chose Design Jessica to create her new 2018 price list and event poster, using the branding package that had been created earlier in the year. The success of any brand is consistency and so, using the new branding as the back bone to the design the new price list was created. The final print run of 1,000 is square, with a gloss cover finish.


The event poster follows the brand themes and was used as marketing in local press along with a large version as a poster.


The re-vamp event itself was a brilliant evening. The whole salon has been renovated to match the branding and Natasha has created a wonderful, glamorous space to visit. Knowing that her brand was an important part of the Niche experience she even sourced party supplies that complimented her brand – even down to the straws! It was a great thing to see. The hard work that she put into the day was worth it. It strengthened the Niche brand recognition and showcased the new branding package wonderfully! It was a great thing to see.

Huge congratulations to Niche and Natasha on the re-vamp. I love it and feel so chuffed to be a little part of it.




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8th May 2018

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