I am often approached as a military wife and designer to help well known and established charities with their marketing materials for events. Two I am especially proud of is my work with the Military Wives Choirs and The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund.

Poster for the MWC

I was approached by local charity supporters RAFBF Team Brize to create the posters and flier for the RAF Benevolent Fund Handbags & Gladrags Sale in June.

They wanted the posters to be bright and easily spotted when in situ so what better colour than hot pink!

Flyer for Handbags and gladrags sale

Every year the RAFBF has a marquee at the Gosford Air Show, here are the adverts designed using the main poster as a background but with slight amends to the design.

2016 Cosford Advert2015 Cosford Advertben-elephant

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