SUH Refresher Day & International Women’s Day

It’s 7.40 in the morning of International Women’s Day and I am on an express Virgin train heading north to Wolverhampton. Flip me the 5.45 wakeup call was a bit of a shock and even the fur-babies were confused as to why I was awake while it was still dark! What also...

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Time for a business Spring clean – My top 5 tips.

Spring has Sprung! There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine and feeling the stretch in the day to encourage a little spring clean. It’s at this time of year when I have a good tidy and clear out, especially for my business. A time to re-develop my systems to get me...

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Help Your Clients Fall in LOVE with Your Company Brand Again

Building a brand is time consuming but so very important. It’s the representation of your company and what people think of it – put simply it’s your company’s reputation. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon...

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Calligraphy Workshop, at Quill London

There’s been a new trend developing that anyone with an Instagram account can’t avoid. Modern Calligraphy is everywhere! Team it with a watercolour background and you probably have the look of 2016/2017. I have been desperate to learn modern calligraphy for a while...

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Heropreneurs Networking

Heropreneurs Networking – A Wives Tale  I have mentioned before that I am a military spouse and the difficulties that arise with that. After recently relocating to North London I realized it was about time I did some business networking. We’ve just been posted from...

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A Military Posting

When the military posts your husband and you follow – A business owner’s tale and handy tips for a transferable business Female entrepreneurship is the new ‘thing’, and I love it. After years of fighting for equality in the workforce and struggling for equal pay...

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SUH Showcase Day 2016

Design Jessica wins its first business award at the Supporting the Unsung Hero Showcase Day in Canary Wharf Every year delegates from The Supporting the Unsung Hero (SUH) Business Course are invited by HSBC to their Headquarters in Canary Wharf to celebrate their...

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