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You’ve got a fantastic business, a great product and you LOVE what you do. You’re selling well and establishing a memorable name. You’re ready to invest in your branding and marketing but you don’t know where to start.

It’s ok, you’re not alone! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I am Jess, the founder and Lead Designer at Design • Jessica and it is my mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, achieve their full potential by letting their amazing products and services shine. Through inspirational and tailored design and marketing, your dream clients will see the true quality of your company.

Your company has so much to offer your clients, it’s my job to show you off and raise you above and beyond your competitors

In 2012, after six years designing for Disney, Marks & Spencer and Transport for London, I founded my own agency, Design • Jessica, to create great branding and marketing campaigns for passionate companies just like yours.

I now create bespoke and on point business designs and inspirational media for companies all over the UK and Ireland.

Design • Jessica offers a very special one-on-one relationship for our clients to develop and project their company’s philosophy and public image, whether that be through new branding or a complete overhaul, giving you a wide choice of bespoke and innovative design solutions for your own business.

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But what about your second impression?

We all know the importance of a first impression, but what happens after the networking or business meeting, the next day, when your new client picks up your marketing material? What do you want them to think of your business?

This is what Design • Jessica can do for you!

In our industry we know that all new clients do judge your company by its branding and marketing package, so it is essential to get that package right! This is what Design • Jessica can do for you! Do you need a sparkling presentation, a start-up business logo or something truly unique?

Isn’t it time to get in touch with Design • Jessica?

Design • Jessica can clarify your brand, apply professional know-how and produce your bespoke business marketing solutions hassle free and on time. So isn’t it time you took your business branding to the next level? Isn’t it time to wow that new client with the quality of your brand?

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